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Reading List: the books I love

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I love books. I started out as an avid reader before I began writing.
These are some of my absolute favourite authors and series.

Urban Fantasy

Annette Marie – everything she’s written is great, but my favourites are all in her Guild Codex series.

Seanan McGuire – I love her October Daye series

Rachel Aaron – I loved both her dragon series: DFZ (Minimum Wage Magic) and Heartstrikers (Nice Dragons finish last)

Sarah Painter – love her Crow Investigations series

Paranormal women’s fiction

KF Breene – her Leveling up series is a romp

Shannon Mayer – her Forty Proof Series is great

Other genres

Travis Bagwell – his Awaken online series is un-put-downable

Neil Gaiman – a legend. Everything he writes is fascinating

Neal Stephenson – another great. I particularly like Anathem and Cryptonomicon

Online books

Worm Not your usual superhero story.
Caution: this may utterly consume your life for a few months.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (HP:MOR) What if Harry Potter was raised by scientists and fed a steady diet of Science Fiction?
Note: generally speaking this takes a few chapters to really reach its stride. But then it’s literally one of the most worthwhile things I have ever read.

Practical guide to evil So, you want to be a villain. You have a lot to learn…