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Woman with green eyes and swirling green magic stading in front of a dark alleyway. Below is the book title The Conjunction and author name Taryn East

The Conjunction

Hope swore she’d stop, but tragedy forces her into one last job. Can she save her family? Can she save her city?

Hope is a magical thief and there’s no better hunting grounds than the shanty-town built for the upcoming Conjunction event. She thought she had earned enough to get out of the game forever, but a family tragedy drags her back for one last job.

Galen is a skilled surgeon, but he’s hiding a terrible secret. He has delved into forbidden knowledge and put everything on the line for the chance to save his brother. There’s just one last missing ingredient: dream-steel, and it doesn’t come cheap.

When Hope’s score goes wrong, she learns finders aren’t necessarily keepers, but you just might find something you weren’t expecting. Can Hope and Galen work through their differences to save their families? Can they do it before a mad scientist harnesses the power of The Conjunction to bring the city to its knees?

The Conjunction is the first exhilarating adventure in the Hope Gray series of Urban Fantasy novels. Featuring a sassy lead heroine, a slow-boil sweet romance and a twist of steampunk.

Available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited